Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday morning atcs*

i have acquired these little gems from a wonderful and multi-talented artist-art tea life. some of you may know her from her delightful blog- i came on the scene and first starting selling my atcs on ebay, i found i couldnt resist buying her fabric atcs..they are darling, adorable, whismy and just plain cute, especially the dog all know i am a sucker for a dog!! anyway, my collection has grown and they have been sitting in my atc album and i thought how can i display these jewels so i can see they everyday, so last night while watching -debbie travis facelift, i safety pinned them all together and now they will reside on the wall next to my "sambucca"...a fitting spot....i also have several of her larger altered quilt squares, some are even filled with lavender..thank-you art tea life for the joy i get when i open your packages and opening up my taste buds to some wonderful tasting you~*~


Naturegirl said...

I love "ArtTL" and her work!! Amazing how we all connect throught this blogging!! Who would have thought 4 months ago I would have these connections with kindred spirits.. what a small world we do live in! We nature lovers are made from the "same cloth" p.s. that Stargazer I posted now the whole stem..sits in a vase in the dining room..the house is filled with her lilies are "she".NG

Laura said...

Can you hear me from Illinois over there in Ohio!!??????? I am going nutty cookoo over here! I love Sandy's ATCs!!!!!!! Woohoo! What a great idea you had to display them like that! How delightful and inspiring!!! Yipee!

stacie said...

oh they are so beautiful!!!!!!!!

One Crabapple said...

ohhh YOU !

What a surprise to tune in here this morning and find ME !

I am giggling like a fool.

Thank you Miss!

I am so tickled to see so many of my little babies all together like this ! YOU DO HAVE A HUGE COLLECTION OF MY STUFF !

Thank you - For your Friendship mostly and for all of your support.

Thank you for believing in me.

miss*R said...

I love it! I am like naturegirl and amazed at all the kindred spirits out there - very similar with a pinch of difference - ahh perfect!

Dotee said...

What a beautiful collection of Sandy's ATC's!! Great idea to display them like this.

She is sooo talented.

Such works of art!!!