Friday, July 07, 2006


I do not know if there is a bigger STARBUCKS lover than me!! i am faithful every morning, no matter the city, on having a venti nonfat latte, extra ice, light on the milk and sometimes an extra shot!! that is called a quad latte then, yep that is right 4shots of expresso...sometimes i go more than once a day now what i like about starbucks is no matter the city, it always tastes the same and that first sip out of long green straw is like nectar of the gods! mmm,mmmm, so good! even though we have some starbucks at home, it is not the same and here is another thing you might not know...the old store have the hand press expresso machines and the drinks are so so much better with the old machines, the new fancier machines are automatic and they do not have the hand pressed feeling and i can get the same exact drink and the amount of expresso is so much less, even though they will tell you it is the is all about that personal hand touched stop at a starbucks and show the barista some love and tell them kim sent you!!!


JJ1 said...

too much caffiene.....:)

.....and if it is in the afternoon her drink is an iced venti unsweetened green tea..........

One Crabapple said...


I don't know how you FUNCTION !



And ! You realize of course you have a monkey on your back ????

*** You are a Caffiene Junkie ***

♥ joleen ♥ said...

LOL whoa girl! :)

but i am craving a frap now, thanks. ;)

Laura said...

I love that phrase, "nectar of the Gods" I use it to refer to my form of cafeine goodness that I must have every morning, afternoon, and evening....TAB!!!!! Can't live without out it!!!!