Tuesday, March 02, 2010

another commercial break~

dont walk if you ever see at your grocerier or if you are at a speciality grocery or
order for QVC my grandmas coffee cakes my gawd they are heaven on a plate!
they are like between 10 to 13 bucks depending on the store....
there are no trans fat, water or butter in these cakes
and they are the most mosit coffee cake in the world
and i know my coffee cakes..
and if you really want to be sinful
slather on some real butter
and you will be in HEAVEN!!


beth said...

YUM....but stop that !
I'm trying to be healthy, remember ?
okay...give me a slice and lather that butter on there for me, will you ?

I'll walk an extra mile on the treadmill if it means having that yummy stuff :)

Maija said...

Oh shit yummy-licious

Holly Loves Art said...

oh nooooooooo don't tempt me! It looks sooo good. Ha! Thanks so much for your sweet comments about Ablie. I appreciate them!

Have a great night.


Doggeanie said...

Surely is a lovely cake, will have to look if they have them over here.... my grandson loves cake!

JJ said...

and even better with expertly handcrafted french pressed coffee from your personal good manor barista....right?