Monday, February 22, 2010

silhouette painting~

tthis is a painting i finally finished from mistys online painting class.
im pretty happy with it and now it is off to my office to hang on the walls
with my other paintings and such..
i have sold 2 so far from hanging them
at work...
thanks to my boss constantly nagging me for 3straight years
to bring my art in.....
02/24/ is now SOLD
thank-you, sweet martha!!


Maija said...

OMG!! I LOVE it!! You really have a feel for this technique, Kim!!!

Laura said...

WOW! That is stunning!! How fun to bring in your art to work. Happy for you!!

Mark said...

Love the art work, and what a great boss you have.

beth said...

how cool that you are selling your are such a rock star !

Anonymous said...

So I guess your a professional now. First being published and now selling your work. I'm so proud of you. If I could only finish something.

martha brown said...

This is fabulous, Kim! I'd buy this :)I can't wait until Misty offers a class again. I totally missed the boat on this one!

Doggeanie said...

love this kim so fab, so pleased you are selling them too, well done girlx I saw something on the craft day on qvc yesterday here in the uk, it was a distressed paint craft kit, it was yesterdays special value, it looked fab and I thought of you when I saw the guy showing it off. Keep on painting girl! xxx hugs to allxxx

Ellen Lyn said...

VERY AWESOME! Both the painting and you! And that it sold so fast, too!! WOW, how cool is that?!

You GO, Painter Girl!!

random notes said...

The painting that you sold is lovely. I want to come play at your studio. You have too much fun.
Random Arts