Wednesday, March 24, 2010


well it had to happen sooner or later wished for later but..........
today i turn the big
what a treat to be spending it with my bffs at artfest..


Cynthetic said...

Happy Birthday! Have an awesome time at artfest!

martha brown said...

Happy birthday! Have a fabulous time at ArtFest -- I wish that I was going... I'll miss it there :)

beth said... glasses and your pink hair ?
and a tutu and whore heels and a cosmo in your hand?

oh that's right....that's for later tonight :)
love ya !

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to one of the most special people on this Earth!!!!! Love you lots! I know you are having a great day in PT!

laura said...

Wishing you & sending you the best wishes for a Great Birthday!!!!

Rella said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET FAERIE FRIEND!!! Love that hat and happy to read you are doing just what you love on your special day. Love you girl!!!

xox Rella

Cat said...

Happy Birthday Darlin'!!
Love the hair!

Doggeanie said...

Happy Birthday for Wednesday Kim,bet you so enjoyed ArtFest...
love and light!

dewatobay said...
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dewatobay said...

Happy Birthday (again). We were together in Huskamp girls " In between the lines" class.

It was a pleasure meeting you. A BIG THANK YOU for the lavender. It is permeating across my desk!
maria little

Mark said...

Hope your b-day was a great one. 50 is the new 30 you know?
Happy belated birthday to you.

hgtvmary said...

a VERY happy, very belated birthday!!! Hope you had a smashing good time on your special day

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Honey Girl!! Here's to the best one ever!! xoxo!

Maija said...

Happy Happy Birthday darling girl! I'll be there soon- does 50 feel very different????

One Crabapple said...

oh my gOSH !

Happy Birthday !!!

I didn't know you were the BIG FIVE OH

well you dont look it !

that cute hair and LOVE THE BEANIE

(wow I didn't even know it was AF ! time)

How fun to spend it at Art Fest

Well Cheers to YOU

and I hope this is a FANTASTIC YEAR !