Saturday, April 25, 2009

flying solo

well, i am on my way to PA this weekend ..

flying solo or driving solo to west chester

to meet up for a little faerie convention

sorta speak and maybe a possible tv appearance

on QVC..okay go ahead laugh, but i am addicted to watching

and ordering from the "Q"...the faeries are flying in from all

over the country for the Kirks Folly liv show on Tuesday the 28th

at if you have nothing better to do..tune never know

what trouble i could get into


beth said...

I miss you so much !!!
look at the that photo of are just pure yumminess and fun !!!

safe travels sweetie !!!
and I'll look for you !!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Love the hat, that's a great look for you!

Laura said...

I am setting my DVR right now! Sounds like you will be in heaven!!!! Have a great time!

Deborah said...

Cute pic!! Hope you have fun in the land of the "Q"! I'm not sure what you all will do without the "wand fixer", but have fun anyway!! Oh, and I am glad your computer is fixed - we have missed you!

Kelly said...

i hope you bought this hat. it looks fab on you!

kecia said...

your a nut! have a great time!

Candace said...

Have a great time! Lots of photos and stories, please...
Candace in Athens