Thursday, October 09, 2008

weekend recap~

this is late, i here goes!!
laura and jane arrives late friday night and after picking them up from the airport we came home to the DOGS of course and hummus and pita(grilled by jj), these yummy pomegranate coolers, TAB of course and bud light! we hit the hay early as we had a full day of antique shops, cross stitch store for laura and lunch at olde bag of nails where laura and jane had their first taste of fried pickles! dinner at our fav mexican spot-don patron! we had dinner there tonight and i had a couple of sangria margaritas!!!! HEAVEN(in my best singing voice!)
anyway, jane & laura gave it the thumbs up!

this is a picture of the inside of don patrons, arent the chairs & tables festive!!!

jane with her new friends!!

cannot wait to have them back again!!


Beth said...

why is it that this post totally cracked me up when I got to the end and see the photo of Laura looking like she was just told that the state of illinois has banned cross stiching....

Laura said...

First of all...thank you guys so very much for a lovely weekend! I forgot to add the fried pickles to my post!

and what Beth said above just cracked me up!!! I do look like I have some sort of problem!!!!

Ellen Lyn said...

Looks like so much fun!! Missing you and Jj, Good Manor and those poopies!!!!

Lani Gerity said...

What a fabulous environment for a meal! How could you not have a great time?

Janie said...

Thanks again for the hospitality - had a really great time - I am already missing my two roomates dearly (smooches Ruby and Nelly) and those s'mores - YIKES were those good - hey now I have Mike craving those pita with garlic salt and olive oil with that pine nuts hummus.... thanks for another addicition LOL!