Saturday, October 11, 2008

saturday at good manor

i think i have made it pretty well know that i LOVE fall.......
the crispness in the air, the bounty of color, bonfires at good manor,
and PUMPKIN PIE with cool whip~~
today was a beautiful fall day

the trees were bursting with color and there was campfire in the air!!

the only thing wrong was that it was in the 70s and not in the 50s

but i am confident that tonight when we have our now famous bonfires

it will be in the 50s and the air wil be perfect..the usual suspects will be here...

deb, kelly, eric, leonard & heather and that sweet alexander, bryce and jen..

of course the dogs will be making an occasional appearance throughout the night..

we will be having adult bevs, hot dogs and of course no fire is complete without s'mores....

so if you are in the vicinity..stop by!!


julie preparing the fire ring for tonights bonfire

good manor from deer field


Laura said...

Hey, that was me last week!!!! It was considerably cooler out too...

Have a great fire! I know how much fun they are! So relaxing and warm!

Tell everyone I said Hi!!!

Laura said...

p.s. I found that perfect Hummus at the store tonight!!!! However, I am too lazy to make the perfect pitas like Miss Julie!

JJ said...

it was a very good night...big fire and lots of fun..last ember went out around 2am....we even found out brown glass has a higher melting point than white glass...what a night!!

Ellen Lyn said...

Hey, Pyro!
I was thinking about you cuties this weekend while in the mountains...wishing you were there to help me keep warm in my tiny tent. ;-) Tell Julie I got up early to watch the sunrise, just in time for the HUGE fog bank to roll in!

Heather, said...

sounds like a wonderful evening! xo