Friday, October 17, 2008

last night~

last night julie our friend~jamie and myself attended the below production at the largest cemetary in our city. it is rich with history and i cannot believe i have never been there ever!
our good friend heather was one of the directors of the production.

below are just some pictures of the show...

it was a great show and i will be back at the cemetary to take some more pictures, i cannot believe how beautiful some of the monuments are..i thought the one below is totally cool as it looks like the letters are dripping blood...okay blood is a stretch but it does look like they are dripping and

i love the ghoulish and creepy especially at halloween...

okay, back to the coffin..


Laura said...

Hey, I was innocently checking out your blog and all of a sudden what do I hear???????

That damn Exorcist music!!!!

I am coming right over to yell at you!

Ellen Lyn said...

Looks cool! We have something like that here that the kids from the performing arts high school put on. Every year I tell myself I'm going to go....haven't made it yet!

No mail today...guess you'll have to wait to see me in all my glory on Monday!!

Heather, said...

ooooo....looks like a good, 'ol spooky time...wish i was there! xo

Beth said...

kind of spooky, huh ??...but you love halloween, so I totally get how you loved it!!!

me...not so much !!....I'm not scared easily, but halloween is just not me....BUT, I love the pumpkins and the colors that surround everything this time of year....and of course the candy...and the smell of spice...and the little kids in their costumes....and the doorbell ringing and hearing, trick or treat....oh shit...see what you did to me???...I do like halloween afterall !!!

Maija said...

That looks like an awesome show!! Spooky and way cool!

Ruth Rae said...

this looks amazing!
is there were we went?
I hope your both safe and well!