Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wednesday night~

this is what we woke up to yesterday morning...yeah you know what it is SNOW.....

how freakin funny is that stuff!! it had promptly melted by the time i left for work at 930ish.....
okay, see these frames arent they just the best and arent they so me!!!!! the doctor went to the big NY eyeshow a couple weekends ago and had a great time picking out new frames for our 2locations......this particular line just come in today
and we were like kids in a candy store, she picked out
a fresh and funky frame called WAY and it is a nice bright green(like grass) with
a little bit of black on the frame is called SILVER LAKE.neither of these
frames made it out onto the floor...they are on their merry way to the lab for lenses!!
since i started working there in september i probably have gotten about 6pairs of glasses-no lie!
i keep gravitating towards frames that have some red in them as all my frames do have some red in them except 1pair..i feel that if you have to wear glasses people should see you coming!!!
okay that is it for off to bed with biggie, nelly and verabelle...


Maija said...

I can't believe your weather! I should show a photo of my pool looking all sunny and refreshing! I need to buy some new frames and I am really digging yours, Kim!
And, it seems like ou have quite an assortment of bed partners! I'm limitted to hubby and mini beagle- one of the other girls sleeps on my big comfy chair next to the bed, and the other sleeps on her bed on the floor! I'm a fool for my creatures! Maybe that's why I love you so much! oxox

Ellen Lyn said...

When you said snow, I had no idea you meant so much snow! That's a lot! We're pushing 80s here. Love the new specs--I'm sure everyone will be looking when they see you coming!!!!!
Love you!

Laura said...

Snow....we are so over you!! It is May 1, so that is it!!! Do you hear me???

love, love, love the new frames!!! It is fun to have more than one pair! Very luxurious!!! Can't wait to see that particular pair on you cause I think they will look cool!!!!!!!

In bed with the doggies, how fun!!! I love when my kitties sleep with us!

Julie H said...

You take the best snow photo's, I feel like I am standing right there beside you looking out!