Thursday, April 10, 2008

out -n-about in seattle

mermaid outside fireworks in the westlake plaza -downtown seattle
the vivd colors at pikes market are just so amazing!!
look at these tulips!!
seriously on color overload!!!

isnt this fruit to die for!
i picked up some delicious oranges that were out of this world!!
man, i wish we had this type of market here in columbus!! arent those colors just so yummy!!
here is lani drinking some kind of asian concoction she picked up at the asian market..
it had these tapioca beads in the drink that looked like rabbit poo...hehe


JJ said...

rabbit poo is exactly what it looked like!!! the fruit not only looked good it tasted good as well, just ask the firendly Port Townsend raccoons.

One Crabapple said...



except for rabbit poo

racoons ? what racoons ?

Laura said...

Great pics!!!! Wish we all had a get-away house there and the funds to go once every three months!

Cynthetic said...

hahahahahaha. Rabbit poo. Hee.

It was awesome seeing everyone again. I'll have to make some crazy creative mail art to send to you now that curling season is over.

Maija said...

I am so jealous!!