Friday, April 18, 2008

new addition

well, look at this little package that has found its way to good manor....i introduce you to vera belle... she is a 4 month old 4 pound pomeranian....she is a special needs cute as a button but deaf....yep, that's right cannot hear a thing...she is just a little thing compared to biggie, kaj, ruby and the rest of our "larger" pack but they lover her all the same...little miss vera belle jumped right in the mix and plays like the big dogs....
please help us welcome little miss into our lives.


Maija said...

YUou have such a soft and wonderful heart, Kim! How lucky for sweet vera belle!

Beth said...

You and Julie have the biggest hearts ever !!!!

Congrats on your new baby !!!

Kelly Snelling said...

Ooooh! i swear i have chills! she looks so soft and sweet. oh i want to play with her and give her a snuggle. welcome, welcome to the bestest house in ohio, little vera belle!!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Well she is just about the cutest little fluffball I have ever seen!!! I just want to reach in and hug her.

xo FaerieRella

Julie H said...

What an adorable puppy - a definite smoocher. My friend had a deaf kelpie cross so I know you are in for a lot of hard work, but perhaps she will learn from the others. Kim your heart is as wide as the Ocean between our countries - bless you.

You probably know this but some trainers use stamping on the ground to train deaf dogs - they feel the vibrations and may see your leg move.

Laura said...

OMG!!!! She is so cute!!!!!!! I am so glad she is with you guys!!!

Can't wait to meet her!

Lani Gerity said...

Too cute!!
She's a lucky pup!!!

zUzU said...

Oh Kim! =^..^=

!! KIM !!

I am dying! DYING over this little one!
You know how I love the ones with something "special" ... Ummmm ... guess that's all of them, but you know what I mean! Oh goodness this little Miss is adorAble! She'll not only learn from your pack, they will in turn learn her signs! It's totally win-win.

Holler if I can help with anything about deaf pups! Once upon a time there was a little girl named, Opal Grace. A very VERY special 'lethal white' Aussie in my life ::sigh::

Just wait ... You will find yourself talking to your friends and they will be looking at you funny ... And you will realize you are signing the conversation for Miss VeraBelle ::giggle:: Or signing them GOOD DOG! When they've done something you like.

And Miss VeraBelle Pupperdoodle:

Welcome to the world of wonderful Miss VeraBelle ... You scored BIG TIME my dear.

Kisses from Auntie zU
... and Miss CailaFae, corgi princess