Monday, November 26, 2007

saturday surprise

julie & i had the good fortune to be able to attend the opening of misty mawn's gallery showing
at a darling gallery tucked away on a corner in her hometown of erie, pa...we made a day of it
leaving early after a stop at starbucks of course....we were able to spend some time with misty
prior to her show at a totally cool coffee shop...misty is everything you can imagine, she is a beautiful free spirit with a beautiful smile.....and is so passionate about her beautiful paintings
as if they were her little children nuturing them....we just adore her and she made our thanksgiving weekend!!
and we did bring one of her paintings home with us
which we will treasure forever.....
thank~you beautiful misty..


Laura said...

That is so exciting!!!! How long did it take you to get there? Will you show us a picture of the painting you got? So glad you could go!!!

Trixie said...

You girls sure know how to have fun! And to brush with greatness and be able to bring a piece of it home with you...priceless!

misty said...

meeting you and Julie was such a highlight of my thanksgiving holiday, it really was! both of you radiate with love and warmth!
It means so much that you made the trip and that you took home such a dear piece of my art, it is right where it belongs, with you and Julie.
thank you, thank you, thank you.
looking forward to the next time we meet. with love, misty xoxo

Ellen Lyn said...

What a beautiful picture! I knew you guys would be having a great time but you look like you had a total ball! Can't wait to see the painting!
Love you,

Maija said...

You are lovely people, and you are wise to surround your self with other lovely people!
I spent a lot of time with Misty at ArtFest in 2006 and I really enjoyed that time together. This year I didn't get to see for more than a minute.
She was very lucky to have you two Starbuck's whores to visit with her!

Maija said...

And, you look so happy and beautiful, Kim!

kelly snelling said...

you two gad-abouts just don't sit still! you all should write a book about all your adventures. well, i guess your blog IS that book and i always enjoy seeing what you darling folks are up to. xo-k

Beth said...

First of all "dahlink" you look fabulous in this photo !!! Did you add some highlights to your hair ??
And of course I hate you for having so much fun...kidding !!
And of course since I know which beautiful picture it and Julie are very lucky in so many ways !!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh lucky, lucky you two gals!! What a wonderful time and how exciting to have a piece of Misty's that you will always treasure. I am so happy for you. And you DO look just wonderful.

xo Rella

katie said...

oh, what a great photo of you and misty. she had told me that she was meeting up with you and was so excited. and the painting you went home with....what a treasure! you and i haven't met but i've heard wonderful things about you and i'm sure we will one day.

Dot said...

Oh Kim - how exciting for you!!! I adore Misty's art and will be doing a class with her in Melbourne, Australia next May (can't wait).

How wonderful that Misty has her own gallery now. She is a wonderful artist - and so are you my friend..

kecia said...

glad you had so much fun! post the picture you can home with - want to see it!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

What a SUPER way to spend Thanksgiving!!!

I MISS you two... AND... Silly me... forgot to include the White Castle video when I sent your treasure OFF in the post the other day... YIKE...

WELL.. Just ANOTHER excuse to send the INCREDIBLE women of Good Manor another Holiday Package!