Tuesday, November 27, 2007

tuesday night~

just hanging out with my girls


Denise S. said...

Oh what a terrific stash you have there.
Whatever will you make?

misty said...

what a beautiful collection you have. i love the beach glass tucked under the cup and the blue bird plates...everything. xoxo

Trixie said...

Your girls look ready to get "assembled"! Lets grab a book or a box and make something! You know what else..? Remember that awsome bench with the birdhouses on the spindles and all the stuff attached to the birdhouses in Wisconsin? Maybe the girls want to set up home in/on a birdhouse of their own? The beginnings of a Manor bench? ohmy

Beth said...

hmmm...looks like they are just waiting to jump into your crafty little fingers and made into something beautiful ?!?

Laura said...

Love this pic!!!!

Can't wait to see them live and in person!

Rhonda said...

Dear kIm,
Thanks so much for always saying such nice things on my blog and for visiting! . You my dear are a sweet heart.
Rhonda S

Kristen Robinson said...

It has been way tooooo long since I have stopped by to see you. I love this stash of goodies so delightfully lovely.