Friday, November 23, 2007

mail surprise~

look what i found in my mailbox today, a small box containing my new calling cards
personally made by the clever and talented heather

arent they totally awesome?

i think that they are brilliant and i am continually

amazed at what she creates for me..

merci! mon ami!


ps...tomorrow another road trip to see the opening reception at a gallery for a totally

talented artist that is loved by many...more details to come..


Ellen Lyn said...

Hey Kim!
COOL cards! I also received some special mail today....two very beautiful presents and my very first holiday card of the season!!! I love them both!!!! ;-)

kecia said...

love the doggie locket! too cute. someone is going to have a big head over that one! have fun at the gallery of you know who!

Trixie said...

Way cool cards! I love the doggie with a crown the best. It speaks the most of the you I know. Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

Those are when do you open your own shop so we can all come shopping ???
I can see you behind a cash register with a tiara on your head and your dogs at your feet !!!
Hugs !!!

Trixie said...

Hey, you also changed your iconthingy and I love the new one too! It is from your cemetery trip eh? What lasting beauty!