Thursday, October 04, 2007


you know my intention is to blog everyday, but LIFE always gets in the way!!!
i work tuesday, wednesday & thursdays from 10am to 8pm and it kicks my big butt
every week!!! by the time i get home, i grab something to eat and am ready to go to bed!!!
so i am apologizing!!!
well, the visit from my friends was over in a blink and we had a grand time! even if lani made
me sick and i missed work on monday!! she left behind some kind of funk at good manor and we still
havent fumigated her room yet!! we are airing it out! but that aside we had some impromtu wire-wrapping classes by julie and some mini shrine polymer clay by ellen(which i will post this weekend)....
i bought some new eye glasses that i am in love!! with, they are perfect for the halloween season and so me and they should be in tomorrow, i will post the picture this that is that and i really promise that i will try to be more timely with the posts..thanks for still stoppin by......... i will try to post some kind of halloween inspired picture everyday on my blog as this is my favorite month and anyone
that knows me knows I LOVE HALLOWEEN......todays offering below.......
below is a great painting that i found on flickr of THE WICKED WITCH.....
it is a 33 x 48, oil on birch panel inspired by the recent novel "wicked" by Greg McGuire, in which he describes her as a beautiful, practical woman who just happened to have been born green. it was sold and on permenant display at Courtyard Cafe, Houlton Maine.
i think my friend laura will love this picture!


Laura said...

Dude!!! i am on my lunch break at work and saw your new post! Can't wait to see your new glasses! I LOVE the wicked witch painting! That is how I pictured Elphaba from Wicked!! I want to see that again!!! I have been meaning to call you, but work is kicking my big butt too! Maybe this weekend!

Lani Gerity said...

Oh, dear! Good Manner was so good to me and I was SO bad.
Bad bad Lani!

Sure hope you are feeling better. Disinfect everything. I'm sure it was bubonic and nasty!

Trixie said...

So refreshing to "see" you again! I can not wait for a snoop on the specks myself..better yet to see them on your smiling face at months end. I love Elphaba's painting as well.

Maija said...

OK, first, your new blog looks great!
I loved the charachter of Elphaba as portrayed by Geoffrey McGuire!

Julie H said...

Kim, my friend, I have missed you - and yet I know that life gets busy. When the time is right will be back to blogging everyday, for now just be happy.