Friday, June 22, 2007

some road trip details....

okay, we left at 7am and headed towards our favorite town-chicago... we decided that we would be silly not to run through downtown chicago and get out our favorite craving-Portillo' we made our way through downtown chi-town and here are a few highlights....
soldier field where da bears play
boats on lake michigan off lake shore drive
navy pier
a little closer view of navy pier
julie pulling into one of our favorite places in chi-town
waitress taking orders
heaven on a bun in my mind!!!
these next pictures are in and around dodgeville, wisconsin look at these windmills!!!!

this is where we had dinner, it was very interesting and we totally felt out of place, it was friday fish fry everywhere!!!

hey look at this, a&w root beer stand ..who knew these were still know i had to have me a root beer float...yummy!!!!

the area we are in is really rural and there isnt anything to do, it is really dairy farm central but it is a beautiful lush green everywhere and i will enjoy it....


Trixie said...

Great pics!!! You could have a side career as a travel log personthingy. I brought ATC kits from ArtChix studio on our last four day road trip and cranked out 11 ATC's using the kit, scissors and a glue stick (and some of Dave's coffee to stain backgrounds). You however are doing a wonderful job entertaining yourself..and me!

Rella said...

geeeeeezzzzzzzzz, it's 11:30 p.m. and all I can think about is that delicious looking hot dog. I will more than likely dream of this.

Can you just send one my way???

xox Rella

Beth said...

Great pics Kim !!!!
Gotta love the Midwest, huh ???
All you need now is a picture of a cow and you will have summed up the road trip perfectly !!!!
I can't wait for the NINA jealous of you right now !!!!

primdollie said...

Oh looks like grand fun and that hot dog sure looks awesome LOVE Chicago dogs too bad none like that in Ohio huh!!! Hugs Linda

Kahshe Cottager said...

What fun on your trip ... and down memory lane for me too when I saw the A&W! Did you ever order swamp water there??? (Rootbeer and orange half 'n half?)

My tummy is growling after seeing that hot dog!

Have fun on your trip!

Laura said...

Love seeing those sights through your eyes!!! I think that is so cool that you went to Portillo's for lunch on your way through, and the hardest one to navigate through too (and the most dangerous for pedestrians!!!!!!).