Friday, March 02, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...

today is a beautiful sunny and windy day ...hope the wind dies down a bit before i have to board my plane..i am off to chicago for the 1st annual tootfest 2007 to meet up with


  • trish, jane and julie.. i know that we will have a rip roaring time with those girls and make some incredible art....i guess i am trying to get an earlier flight due to weather concerns in i will say bon vonage and au reviour~xoxo
  • ps..i love going to my favorite store-nordstroms on michigan avenue


    Kahshe Cottager said...

    Have a wonderful time!!!

    Naturegirl said...

    Have a great time wish I was going to Nordstroms! Happy shopping Hugs NG

    longnecklady said...

    So jealous of you all!



    Trixie said...

    I had an absolutly fab time! A little hotel drama to spice things up and an awsome lesson in beeswax..and using canvas, and book marks, and getting cool charms! Thank you so much! I will check through my Grammy's stuff and see if anything wants to go on a road trip. Thanks again for a great time!

    Dotee said...

    Have a wonderful trip (I know you will!).