Monday, February 05, 2007

new man about town!

well, here he is the newest member to our pack-
say hello to
"Biggie B"
he is a male, 10month old , 150lb, st bernard puppy

Biggie B, Ruby J, Nelly, and Kaj

Nelly & Biggie

Chance Marie, Biggie, Kaj, Ruby & the back of Nelly's

the funny thing is he is still smaller height wise then our



primdollie said...

now Dear there is way too much sniffing in those unmentionable spots going on there!!!!!!!!! you do have a very pretty bunch though!!! bet they are all having fun!!! hope they will all get along!!! hugs Linda

Naturegirl said...

WOW WOW WOW!! you have the biggest heart giving all these
~gentle giants~a loving home! There is a place in heaven for you for sure dogfairie!!hugs all the best with your new addition!

Sioux said...

Lovely puppies!!!

FaeryCrafty said...

Wowsas!! That's a full house!

zUzU said...

YUMMERS! =^..^=

I'm coming over to play at your house!

(And next time I buy a big bag of puppy chow for the outside critters that visit ... I promise not to grumble about the food bill. I somehow doubt I really have have any idea ...)

=^..^= love, zU
(kiss each of the babies for me!)

Carla Sonheim said...

What a great series of photos. Thanks for making me smile, and for giving all these dogs a good home!

Angela Marie said...

Oh WOW!! You have 5 dogs!!
Come to think about it... we have 4. Like I should!

I just do not know what I ever did without them to begin with!! sigh.
I just love them.

Thank You for leaving a comment on my blog!

You have a beautiful family ;)

Laura said...

Look at these children!!!!!! I must say that today I am totally partial to Nelly! Love her smile! Biggie is such a dear!!! Can't wait to meet them in person sometime!!!


Pam Aries said...

Whaaaa? Okay need to adopt a retired GREYHOUND! Why not! THey are great dogs! I have to laugh...I would have a ton of dogs as well ...if I had the $$$$!

Beth said...

Now you have some cool furbabies! I have a dog that looks like a St. Bernard, but vet said he has some mastiff in him. He is old 13 years old, long life for such a big dog. I love your blog!

Dotee said...

Dear Biggie are a very blessed dog to be living in Kim's house!! She is the best doggie mama there is. You will be loved, loved, loved!!!!

tracy said...

You're one brave girl!! I can't even imagine! They're all beautiful!! oxox, tracy

Kahshe Cottager said...

My goodness ... your fur family is growing bigger both in size and numbers! What a houseful of fur love you have!

Beth said...

What ??? You have how many babies ??? What a houseful and you are a saint !!!
Where did the newest one come from ??
I'm just overwhelmed and impressed...and I can't wait to get the whole verbal story from you !!!

Carol said...

Hey, Biggie B, Ruby J, Nelly, and Kaj are just lovely.

Do check my post on Love Birds. I hope u'll like them.

Anonymous said...

Your new family member is a real beauty! You sure do have a lot of pretty furry babies!
Dogs are great aren't they? I have two dogs and five cats and my house just wouldn't be a home without 'em!

Have a great day!

Maija said...

OK, how many animals do you have?!?!

fairie dogmother said...

Awesome dog pack! They're all beautiful and so lucky to have a dogfairie like you! I'm limited to 4, my town requires a kennel license for more than 4! Thankfully there's a law, otherwise, my house would be packed to the rafters with dogs!

Kacy said...

You have awesome dogs!

~*Charms 2007*~ said...



Amber Dawn