Sunday, February 11, 2007

animal rescue! updated!!

**this is not a good picture of him, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances!
came home tonight around 630pm, let the dogs out, fed them and julie came in and said there is a animal in the cats doghouse! now last night we had a raccoon stuck in the garage and were woke up around midnight to him rooting around in the garage, so julie was sure it was him sleeping in the doghouse, it wasnt it didnt look like a raccoon, so of course she couldnt find a flashlight that worked or had batteries so she took a picture of the cat and because of the flash, the cat held its head up and it looked like EMMA! now for those of you that do not know, we rescued a mom cat and her 4kittens about a year and a half ago, Emma ran away right after she got spayed..she has always been aloof and there is a great possiblitlity it could be her, she was about 6months we she ran away...sandy found her cat after a year and she always told me there is hope, so long story short we are waiting for heather to get and them off to our vet...we have 3vets and this one is on call 24-7, although it is half hour away, it is so worth it for stuff like this..i am a total wreck and sick to my stomach and crying ..shoot i didnt tell why we are going to the vet, she is limping on her front paw and cannot walk on it, i havent got close enough for a look-see, that will be heathers task...anyway, that is the story ..more later xoxox



well, emma is not emma but thomas jefferson(that is his new name)! he is a boy severly dehydrated, broken digit with bad infection in paw, tested negative feline leuk and FIV, which is good so he will spending some time at the animal hospital to get himself back to normal before any surgery is preformed...he is a very skinny boy! he was a very hard cat to catch, heather and julie had to pry him out from under the suv, he was stuck in the between the muffler and another pipe or other and at one time he almost hung himslef..needless to say i was a wreck, but he will heal and hopefully once he gets neutered and back in shape he will stay around and keep wilma and miller company! he really is a beautiful boy with nice semi long hair and he could be millers brother, but he has almond shaped eyes...xox


Laura said...

Buddy, Pal, me, and Mike are sending our prayers of good rescue karma to you guys! May all be well.

Beth said...

There is hope! I had a cat when I was a teen-ager that was missing for 6 months. He came home and lived a long life afterwards. I sure hope its Emma

Maija said...

You have a huge heart!!

Nature Girl said...

You are lifting ~my spirit~ with this post! He found you for a reason or was this cat ~sent to you~ because someone knew this ~fur angel~ would be ~SaFe~ with YoU~
The angels are smiling so am I!hugs..I'm still on route.
Thanks for looking after my garden for me..check on the fur friends..nature boy is home.xo

Kahshe Cottager said...

TJ is a very lucky boy to have found you. He must be meant to be with you and your family!!!

Laura said...

Thomas Jefferson? I would love to hear the genesis of that name! Were you in a Monticello frame of mind?

So glad things worked out.....I know you were a wreck, I would have been crying right along with you.

still sending prayers for Emma.


Jane said...

That story makes my heart melt! You are so kind and sweet and I send good well wishes to the little pumpkin!

Tricia Scott said...

i am sending well wishes to the lucky thomas jefferson. lucky because he has ended up in such a special home. :)

Julie H said...

What a beautiful boy and how lucky he is to have you!

And jsut as you are looking after this boy I am sure that someone else is looking after your girl.