Monday, February 26, 2007

a little saturday antiques

on saturday, julie and i met my friend-shara(who is an art teacher and wonderful artist)
in lebanon, ohio...this cute little town is famous for the
  • golden lamb hotel pictured above..
  • this hotel was built in 1803 and boasts that charles dickens slept here along with several other famous people... we did have a great lunch there, topped off with apple cobbler that was really delicious..we were in lebannon as julie had to go to "wheelie fun sport shop" to buy a new road bike for the new team she joined. they were having a great shara and shopped at several of the antique and little boutique shoppes that lined the main was fun..didnt buy many antiques, but did spend some money..on the way home, we stopped at the outlet mall and went to pottery barn & the ralph lauren store..i scored some great deals on sheet sets and towels..all in all we have a great day and i love to spend time with shara-she is so much fun!


    longnecklady said...

    It sounds like you had a great weekend too. Have fun this upcoming weekend with the girls!

    Laura said...

    Shara also made such a cool charm!!! Glad you had fun! More antiques to come!!!!