Thursday, October 12, 2006

pumpkin art~*~

just a little pumpkin art for your enjoyment today*~*~*~


One Crabapple said...

Well these are Inspiring !!!

That CREEPY ((shudder)))))

do you know that there are people that have Clown Phobias ? I mean like really realy BAD phobias...they shake and sweat and completely lose it if a clown is anywhere near (Doll, performer, etc) - I saw a show on some woman that was going thru therapy for it and I was stunned to see that this is a very REAL Sickness!

Strange huh ?

I think I am going to paint my pumpkins PINK this year....yeessss....really.

Because ! just BECAUSE!

Love, S.

pinar said...

they are scary.. the first and the fourth.. I love it.. my son and I carved last year.. but ours were real funny.. distorted eyes and mouths.. distorted because we couldn't manage to hold the carving knife properly..
but these are art..yes..

ButtercupElffly said...

Hi whichy, Those are cool. Mine are more traditional.. I never could get with this new style...

Old boring Bee

Babsarella said...

I LOVE these!!! I have done several and I really love the way they look. May have to try another one this year!