Wednesday, October 04, 2006


yesterday, i opened my mailbox and besides the wolf spider that was sitting there to greet me was this beautiful handmade halloween doll, yes the doll, not in a box , just the dolly. i screamed with joy as this was my mailart...mailart, you asked? well, i am in this every 3rd tuesday of the month art get together and every month we do a different topic with projects. last month, it was mailart and we learned that you can pratically send anything through the mail as long as it is hand stamped. so before class ended we each wrote down our names on a little piece of paper and drew one a name to send a secret mailart to..when i saw the doll i knew exactly that i had lucked out that sharon andrews-artist extradronaire!!( had drawn my name.. she is a beautiful artist that besides doing mixed media, she creates stunning dolls..and the funny thing is i just bought one of her dolls from bayberry cove and lo and behold her sister ends up in my mailbox..what a thrill.. sharon's address is on the back of the doll's head and my address is on her back and the stamps are on a piece of packing tape around her waist..sharon is just amazing!! i still havent sent mine, but i am going for sending a soft pumpkin in the mail to my secret mailart partner.....what a great mail day yesterday was!~^*^~


Sharon Andrews said...

Kim, I had wished I could have been a fly in your mailbox when you found your mail-art. I guess I should have wished I'd been a wolf spider instead. I'm glad you like your doll. Thank you for posting about her. I can't believe you had just bought her sister Fritzy Witch, I was trying to decide wether to send Frizty Witch or Fancy Pumpkin to you and it must be karma that Fancy Pumpkin found her way into your home via the USPS to join her sister.
Blessings, Sharon Andrews

Laura said...

Wow! What a gorgeous doll!!! How did she fair with all the handling? I think that is such an amazing story..I love how she was addressed to you!

One Crabapple said...

How interesting that you can do that

It inspires ideas of all kinds of fun stuff !

The doll is adorable and can I just say : You always so luck out!!!

But you deserve it too !

Love, S.

ps. I wonder how something like that would look going all the way to say Pinar in Turkey or someplace far away like that ! This doll held up great it looks like !

miss*R said...

oh my gawd - you got Sharon Andrews? how lucky is that!!!!!

*Kristal* said...

What a wonderful story. I didn't know you could send stuff like that. She is just the coolest witch around!

Dotee said...

Oh my goodness Kim!! What a fantastic piece of art to have in your mail box! She is gorgeous. Love her hat :)

Creative mail is the best!


Dotee xoxo

miss*R said...

I just had to come back and have another look at this - wonder if Sharon sells the pattern? it is gorgeous :)

manekineko said...

Hey that doll is cool.

Maybe since you know about mail art now you might consider sending something to my project?

Thank you