Thursday, October 05, 2006

more halloween swap ATCs

these will be going to my friend
  • dawn
  • she has been instrumental in getting me going on my atc obsession amongst other things..she is always full of great ideas and never short on enthusiasm, plus i have to deliver her tip-in page to her tonight for her altered halloween book*~*~*


    mo said...

    I love that "Got spells?" Too funny. Great image too.

    *Kristal* said...

    Man, you are on a roll!! Love the cards. Very creative.

    One Crabapple said...

    These are great

    That Got Spells picture is one of my all time favorite photos - that old woman with her finger raised to the witches having tea.

    (of course they ARE having TEA you know....)

    I see myself in this photo!
    You ?

    The Swap Partner that gets these is LUCKY ! YOu make good stuff.;)

    carlenelf said...

    I can NOT love the "got spells" ATC more! SO good! I heart Halloween and collect all things "witchy"...Such cute art you're doing!

    Myra 7670 said...

    Got spells?
    Totally brilliant!