Wednesday, December 03, 2008

round robin~

i have been working diligently every night putting finishing touches on my journal
for the round robin with several of the talented gals from my nina bagley class we all took
in new hampshire...
i also have been working on the page from terry's journal, her first page...
it was very hard for me to find a theme for my journal
i dont know why but it was
and what it came down to finally is
do what you LOVE
and when i did that
everything came together for the journal including
this DARLING picture taken
by my friend deb
she so graciously said i could use in my journal...

page for terry in progress


Ellen Lyn said...

You rock out LOUD, B-yotch!!!!

eb said...

whoa Kim - can't wait til it round robins my way - sending VT love...

xox - eb.

Beth said...

how fun that you're doing a round robin....I've only done one and of course you know the story on how awful it turned out....but I know that the SQAUM girls would never let each other down, so I'm sure it will be WONDERFUL !!!