Saturday, November 22, 2008


i was over at eb's blog last night and she had a post on gratitude and that she was going to start a
it is a wonderful idea and i started mine last makes sense to me after reading christine's explaination as to why it works, i am so in.......
how bout you?
what are you grateful for???


Ellen Lyn said...

I'm so grateful for my healthy, intelligent children, my sweetie pie who seems to love me no matter what, my loving mother and that she lives right next door. I'm grateful to have had so many years with a wise and caring father who loved my mom and I dearly. I'm grateful for a warm (okay, it's a little drafty at the moment but that's alright) home and enough (sometimes more than enough) to eat. I'm grateful to live in my home town, which is not too big and not too small. I'm grateful for the best dog a girl could have.....and I'm grateful to have a friend like YOU!

Julie H said...

Hi Kim
It is so long since I have made time to read blogs, I am not being glib when I say i am so glad that you are still here. It is soothing and inspiring to have this online community here.
Of course I could write a book on what belsses me, but for this moment,this is it.

misty said...

so much to be grateful for, there really is! i am grateful for you and the love you share with so many.

happy thanksgiving dear sweet one!

eb said...

I am grateful for:

this rainy morning

my family and friends

that I am moving out

and into a larger sphere of creative thinking

that Presence is the smile of love

that magic is all around us

infinite and fertile joy

infinite and graceful gratitude

and your kindness

happy day sweet friend!

xox - eb.

Beth said...

so many things to be grateful for this thanksgiving.....

I guess to sum it all it up in a cute little package, I would have to say what my dad says everytime I ask him how he is..."well, I woke up this morning, so I guess must be doing okay"

so that's what I'm grateful for....waking up every day in a warm home surrounded by tons of love !!!

katie said...

what a great idea, a gratitude journal!

i am grateful for all those moments i can be truly awake and alive, because when i am, i am grateful for everything and everyone in it! i am certainly grateful for my health and mobility, for feeling happiness and joy, and for all those i love.
thanks for asking...