Saturday, August 09, 2008

where am i ??

well i am coming to the end of a WONDERFUL week spent with old friends,

meeting new friends and being creative with miss nina bagley!!

i have been here at valley ridge

where the learning is relaxed with laughter and music and food

fabulous hosts~bill & kathy

~wonderful food!
here are some pictures from valley ridge until we roll back into town in the next few days...


Ellen Lyn said...

Oh, sweet have such fun and adventures. I'm hoping for a full report when you get home!!!!
wish I was there!!

Trixie said...

This sounds so odd...but where did you see all the doggies? They look like loads of fun & fur! I too can not wait for pictures and stories STAT!

Beth said...

I love that pic of you and Nina...but OH soooo serious both of you !!!!
Obviously concentrating on knots or not...hee hee

I can't wait to see your photo montage when you get home, as that camera of yours was going almost non-stop when I was with you!!!

You and Julie have a safe trip back home, drive carefully, show us all your jewelry you both made and I'll talk to you soon !!!

Thanks again for a great I'm off to do some photgraphy..."adventure shots" if you know what I mean !!!

Dawnie said...

Sounds like you gals have some stories to tell miss Kim.

Hugs ya
Dawnie xxx

Shari said...

Oh my goodness, did you two stay at the same place with the talking head?!?!? Seeing those photos, I so wish I could have been there. I have such warm memories of last year... Hugs, Shari

Maija said...

Oh yeah girlie! You are working!!

Cindy Forrester said...

You look so cute with you and Nina just working away!!!! Hope you had a great time and can't wait to hear all about it~~~~~

xoxox Cindy

martha brown said...

Can't wait to see what you made!

Jill Marie Shulse said...

The workshop was sure a lot of fun! Glad we liked the same kinds of music. LOL
I LOVED the bracelet you made! (PS: Thanks SOOOO much for the 'artist' charm -- you are such a sweetie, and that meant a lot to me!!)
I'm glad we met, and hope to see you and Julie at other workshops in the future. Keep in touch!!