Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday putzing~

this spider looks really big but she really isnt just about 2inches long
she is a writers spider...
today after my morning errands of starbucks, library and post office.

i decided to drag out the soldering stuff and finish some projects up....

i have 2soldering guns and the one that i really love just stop working so i

had no choice but to use the other one.....well, that one has a much finer tip much like

a pencil and i wasnt able to solder like i like but the textures that i got with this tip i really

really like, it gave the pendants a older look at least to me, so the couple of you that are getting

a package in the next few weeks, i hope you agree with me that you like them too!my soldering station on the sun porchsoldering setup ala sally jean
the next two pieces are a couple of projects that i just finished this past week..this is a swap necklace that is winging its way to cindy
this piece went to our 2good friends al&karen...
thanks for stopping by today..


Ellen Lyn said...

You did good today! I can still hear the music......

Laura said...

Love the picture! I recognize that word card!!!

delila said...

what a beautiful jewelry piece!! i love how the colors are matching so well together. and the little nest is just lovely!!


Maija said...

ONLY 2 inches!!! Can you hear me running away screaming!

Julie H said...

That nest piece is simply stunning, well done!