Friday, June 06, 2008

arts festival friday~

driving downtown this afternoon to pick julie up at work for a run through the annual arts festival, this year is the 47th annual and the local has change to the area
known as the discovery district
this is the area where are wonderful art school and art museum are located....

julies fav~kettle corn
wifi set up to play

pretty cool....

even in this humidity!

julie browsing at a booth that had all etched metal...out of all the cool things we saw today this guys got my vote for the best of show!!

isnt this beast beautiful!!! i love it!this is made entirely out of nails!! with a price tag of $25,000

this bear is also made entirely of nails!!!

worth every penny!!cool fisha face only a mother could love !!!

this guys sculptures were just amazing!!!

we enjoyed the afternoon so much we went again in the evening!



Trixie said...

I dug the fish! It looked like a delightful day/evening! Thanks for sharing it all.

sue pieper said...

Great pictures! I always feel like I've been along for the ride after visiting here. Can't wait to see you-only a couple more months-yay!

Beth said...

so what did you bring home ???

Dawnie said...

I just love looking round your home town. I adore the big beastie too.Such super eye candy Kimmy

Love it all.
Dawnie xxx

Laura said...

How fun! I love seeing all the stuff you saw.

kecia said...

that looked like a lot of fun. what great art to view. i agree, i thought the fish was really cool.

Holly Loves Art said...

Looks like a GREAT show! I loved getting caught up on your blog. The doggy pics below are too funny... that Biggie and the little white pompom... too cute!