Monday, February 11, 2008

monday post~

today is bone chilling
at 8am

it was 5degrees

other than make a short trip to the

postal office

and starbucks

i stayed in to do a couple loads of laundry,


and finish up my

artfest ATCs

for a big swap that

is being made into a book for the swap participants..

here is my offeringnow these are some valentine day sweeties from a sweetie
kecialook at this adorable kitten face..
plus a preview
of some
artfest tidbits
before anyone else gets a chance

thank~you, kecia


(tomorrows forecast is winter storm warning)


kecia said...

we are feeling here in NJ too. the wind is the worst. i so don't want to take the dogs outside! can't they be more responsible and just come to the door when they are done (you know, without running away first....)
xoxo kEcIa

Shari Beaubien said...

I LOVE that black raven, Kim! Your cards are terrific!! I'll so miss being there with you this year. Hugs, Shari

Laura said...

love, love, love the kitty!!!

and your ATCs are extremely excellent!!!!!!!!

It is so cold out!!! Crazy!!!

Stay warm!

love you and miss you

misty said...

it's even cold here...brrrrr....good day to stay warm inside, as you are! ;-)

Ellen Lyn said...

BEAUTIFUL cards!! Mine are still unfinished....thank heavens for overnight mail! =)