Tuesday, July 03, 2007

return to valley ridge

well , made another road trip back to valley ridge last thursday morning to take nina's PMC
class and it was so well worth the drive......the students in the class were so wonderful and nice and so sharing!!!
i was totally surprised that we were driving back and i got to spend another weekend taking class with nina!!!
this class was 3days long...

such wonderful flowers that we bought for nina at the farmer's market-saturday morning

the sunflowers were amazing!

knot nina!

more knot nina instruction and in the denim apron is miss tracie lyn huskamp up and personal!!

she is such the most wonderful sweet gal!! and her hubby earl is just as great!

nina and geri newfry who makes the most beautiful journals and books!!

i gave geri one of my pmc charms that i made in class to add to journal i asked her to make for me..

i know it will be beautiful!

class photo

more photos later......


Ellen Lyn said...

Hola, Kim!!
Your class looks like it was sooo much fun! I want to see what you made! Do show, please!

Trixie said...

Having more fun than humans were meant to have! Thanks for sharing it all!

Kahshe Cottager said...

You are just having way too much fun Kim!!! I am jealous!

Beth said...

Ohhh....I see Valley Ridge really is going to need to set up housing soon....and maybe a small air-strip would be good too, for those last minute classes !!!!

Wating to see more photos !!!!
(no pressure)

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


I MISS YOU...... dearest Kim!!!!!


Hedy Steuerman said...

Miss Kim...

I just love your pics on valley ridge You are so multi talented I envy you !!!! I could never do what you do but I will look into some craft that will show "me" in it You go girlfriend!!! Keep up the beautiful work

Love Hedy

Laura said...

That is so great you got to go back!!!!!! You are an Art Traveling DW lately!!! Happy that you are in your element!!!! and soon on to Tootfest Part Two!

Jane said...

You lucky duck you! Two times... I am SO stinkin jealous! Cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!!! Miss you and so glad you got to take 2 of Nina's workshops - How cool is that!???

JJ said...

Another great adventure at Valley Ridge - great place, great people and great art. Can't wait to go back.........