Sunday, April 03, 2011

its 1:46am~

its 1:46am and i am cruising the internet, in fact i have been doing this all night..

had a 3hr nap late this afternoon and really am not ready for as i sit here

catching up with email and blogs and ebay and etsy , i am listening to the call of

a nocturnal owl...we do not have any big trees for these creatures to nest or sit but we

are certainly surrounded by trees to one side of our window is open as it always is at night and i hear call its beautiful

and it is echoing through the air

wish i could see her


Laura said...

Don't you find the best stuff on the internet on the weekends when you are surfing for a few hours without any other distractions!!! So Fun!!!

I would love to hear those owls!!!!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Mark said...

such a peaceful sound, perfect for late night surfing.

kecia said...

I have 2 little owl friends that speak to me in the night across the street. One day I would like to meet them in person. If only they would pose for a photograph.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Owls are the perfect lonesome lullaby. We sat across from each other at a few classes at Artiscape. Great to find your blog!

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