Sunday, November 21, 2010

sunday drive~

today we went on a drive that took us
in cincinnati
3cartloads later, dinner at maggianos and a stop at daughters
to see the little man
after that we called it quits and drove home..
i think the best ikea deal of the day was a cartload of textiles
(curtains, sheets,blankets couch covers, etc)
for $25.oo..
the cart was jammed full and we made out like a bandit!!
besides the other things we purchased..
ikea is a great find in ohio!

and maggianos is delicious italian food...mmmmmm

such a good day all around..........


Laura said...

Sounds like a perfect day!!!!! Love Ikea!

beth said...

I LOVE that does sound like the most perfect of days with a baby as the icing on the cake :)

JJ said...

my favorite cheap kitchen scissors that will be dedicated solely to holiday homemade marshmellows!