Sunday, May 16, 2010

treasure hunt~

does anyone know anything about geo-caching ?
well i knew about it all but never had any interest
until now as a friend hooked me up with an application you
can download to my cell!! modern technology!!
its so totally cool, you can search by all these coordinates
and then map it and it takes you right to it.....but then you
have to search around the area...and once you find the cache
you usually sign in or sign in and leave something small...
its like an adult treaasure hunt!!!
it is really pretty cool, there are many close to our home.
jule and i found 3 the first night ..this is a picture
right after finding one
in the woods
behind the library and another one found tonight at

a local cemetery...
arent these angels beautiful?


Maija said...

Crazy fun!!

JJ said...

They are everywhere!!!!

Princess Crystal said...

My aunt and uncle go geo-caching. It sounds like alot of fun. I would love to try it out sometime.

Ellen Lyn said...

I want to know what item you guys picked to leave behind. Cute pic, too.

beth said...

i have done geo-caching before and i totally suck at it

misty said...

there are places in crozet you can go geocaching.. :)
our friends keep trying to get us to go with them.... if you visit we can do it!

kecia said...

yeah, geo-caching looks fun - let's do it when i am there!

lisa_crofts said...

Well I just wanted to let you know when I saw your blog post I kept it open and it took a couple a days but i finally got hubby to have a look. Well now he is totally hooked. He has jumped in with both feet which I thought he would do if he liked the idea. He has already been to around six sites and is watching gps on ebay my iphone isnt cutting it. It is something fun he and my son can do together and they are really enjoying it. So thanks for introducing us to this amazing thing.

Suzanne said...

Hi from Suzanne in Charmsters --
I've been geocaching for 5 years and have found over 800. It's fun to find them when you're on vacation. I've hit 2 countries and about a dozen states.