Thursday, December 17, 2009

O christmas tree ~

o christmas tree...
how lovely are your branches~
growing up i always seem to remember we had a birds nest or two
in the fresh cut trees my dad would lug home..
so my request this year to julie was a tall skinny tree with a birds nest in it and damn if she didnt just find me one!

a sweet little nest, just perfect to add to my collection..

her mom and her always go cut down their trees and
this year

was no exception...
it is sitting in the great room
waiting to be dressed for holiday occasion..
next hair...
so okay i have been wanting to cut my hair off for
sometime now...i just am so over
trying to grow it and fix it into some hip style
when i would much rather use that hair time in the morning
so i went to and did it and gradually it will become
PLATINUM blonde..hopefully by the big day in MARCH!

granted it does make my face look fatter but then i am rather fluffy and rarely miss a dessert, lol..tonight was no exception

it was a darling little slice of peppermint cheesecake..



lisa_crofts said...

I like the new do. Can I suggest rather than an all over colour you have to get redone every two weeks, get some foils and use some hair wax to give it a bit tooth. Sorry if this sounds bossy but i have a round face and I love short hair and i thinks yours look lovely.

beth said...

the bird nest story is so christmas perfect and the new hair...OMG I love it!

and when it's platinum blonde like ms. pink... maybe/right ?...I will totally be swooning and want to do the same thing !

JJ said...

it was quite a find that little bird's nest tucked away in just the tree had our eyes on...and you look good in italy...

misty said...

i love your tree & that sweet!

platinum blonde? now that sounds fun!
you are beautiful!
i miss you! xoxoxooxox

Laura said...

You look fab!!!!!!!! Love the new hair cut. So cute!!! Great idea about it giving more time to sleep. Less fussing, more sleep! That is my motto!!!!! You look so cute!

Christmas tree with a nest! Very cool.

love you.

Maija said...

I think your hair makes you look FABULOUS!! Enjoy your sweet new do- you are beautiful through and through!
Bleach out will totally rock!

Lani Gerity said...

Gorgeous tree and what a treasure, that little nest! So cool. And your hair cut is awesome! Love it! And fluffy, is that what we are?
LOL! Can't wait to see it all in person. Woo hoo, less than a week!

Princess Crystal said...

Cute hair!

sperlygirl said...

ohhh kim, i love your blog banner too. yes, beth is a true gem! a lovely blog you have here. warmly, s

Rella said...

oh mY...FAeRieFrIeND!!! i WOULD NOT LIE TO YOU...YOUR HAIR IS WONDERFUL!!! and you know what..a few foils and some hair wax as lisa suggests may be the perfect thing!! My sis is a colorist and there is nothing harder than total blond from dark hair. So hard to maintain..but darker with foils...perfectly easy.
Your hair suits you.
Merry Holidays to you, Jules..and the 'kids'
xox Rella

Kelly said...

you look gorgeous, miss girl, with your sassy new hair cut. happy christmas! stop over, scroll down, and see the new puppy!

Julie H said...

Love, love, love your hair - make syou look at least ten years younger!!! Great decision.

Anonymous said...

love the hair Kim... love the tree, the nest, your blog colours and blog banner - can't get over how perfect the nest is, Julie must have been ever so careful in cutting the tree down. How brilliant to be able to go out choose and cut your own tree!
love and light to you all - Gina

One Crabapple said...

oh your hair looks very cute in this picture and I like the color too !

did I read right that you are going platinium ?

well just so you KNOW

this color loooks good on your too !

Have fun sleeping in now !


ps. The skinny tree w/ birdnest was a GREAT FIND - yay Jules - and I think it is actually The Perfect Looking Tree ! Dont You ? How'd she do that ?

kecia said...

i like the new look! is it super easy? a wash and go girl!