Monday, August 17, 2009

monday hands~


beth said...

ummm....I still think you're missing in action and hope all is well ! must be busy !

Laura said...

I wish my hands were in your hands!

Doggeanie said...

Love your pic Kim. Are you missing somone today by any chance?....

The Daily Om on your blog was fantastic. It said
"While plants concentrate their energy deep in their roots and seeds, we can retreat to quieter, indoor pursuits, nurturing the seeds of new endeavors, which need quiet concentration to grow. We can stoke our inner fires with our favorite coffee, tea, cider, or cocoa while savoring the rich, hot comfort foods that the season brings in an array of fall colors: potatoes, apple pies, pumpkin, squash, and corn. As animals begin growing their winter coats and preparing their dens for hibernation, we can dust off our favorite sweaters and jackets and bring blankets out of storage, creating coziness with throw rugs and heavier drapes. We can also light candles or fireplaces to bring a remnant of summer’s fiery glow indoors.
By making a conscious celebration of the change, we usher in the new season in a way that allows us to go with the flow, not fight against it. We sync ourselves up with the rhythm of nature and the universe and let it carry us forward, nurturing us as we prepare for our future"

how fab is that.
Thanks so much!
Love and hugs,ginax

manila Property said...

I am right here. LOL!!! Anyway, your post is very beautiful. I love it!!!