Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday night~

i have been extremely busy with trying to get my 3round robins finished, an easter swap and
a st v's day exchange done this past month along with working everyday..
i have been neglecting my bffs and family and housework(but i always neglect housework)
but i am finally seeing the light at the end of my art tunnel.....
my valentine day exchange was with kecia and i always enjoy exchanging with her..her art is beautiful and i have quite the nice collection of her beautiful jewelry and mixed media pieces...
below is my newest addition she sent to me for valentines day...
she fits nicely in my hutch amongst the birdies and nests and such.


kecia said...

glad she fits in with the rest of your art collection! she's a sweetie that doll, she sends off good vibes.

beth said...

I've missed you so much !

Holly Loves Art said...

It's so challenging to fit it all in!

I love the piece from Kecia! Soooo pretty.

I hope you're doing everything you want to be doing this weekend.