Saturday, February 19, 2011

postcard from the beach~

i have a really dear friend who i adore..he loves to prank call me during the day

and a few times has tripped me up! will be spending 5days with him in new york

city and can only imagine what he will have up his sleeve...but anyway, he and his wife

are in suuny california and he has been sending pictures of the beach art he finds on

his daily walks...i love them all...but i have to say this one is my favorite!!!

thanks al~~xox

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canis latrans~

late last night between two & three maybe...i was laying in bed with a cup of
tea and my never ending stack of magazines trying to play catch up...
i have taken to sleeping with the window open about two inches to let the
cold night air cool my bedroom which tends to stay warm even with the
vents closed tight..when i heard a loud and very close howling from a coyote
and then another and then another and so was amazing, i was a little startled,
they are close i thought, why? i could not answer that..i felt my heart beating faster
as i laid there listening quietly and none of my dogs even stirred from their slumber..
i know they are there as we have heard them in the distant we we have had our campfires..
i know this is mating somethng was going on and then the all the howling just
stopped in a blink just like it was quiet eerie and beautiful at the same time...
i wish i had nights vision goggles....