Monday, September 29, 2008

roll call~

isnt this the coolest thing?? my friend~jill posted about this site~ yearbook yourself...
go check it out and let me know so i can see your pictures!!!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

favorite month

october is my favorite runs neck and neck with december.....
i love october mostly because of HALLOWEEN..
i would love to live to
a really great movie with debbie reynolds...
anyway, i have changed my blog banner and music
to reflect the upcoming month.....
hope you enjoy or else !

picture courtesy of flickr

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

faces of squam~

this WONDERFUL retreat wouldnt had been all that without my friends
new and old
side by side..
here are the faces that warmed my heart and soul ....

many of these pictures are from our photographer and fellow dear friend~sharon andrews

!thank you thank you thank you!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

squam lake retreat

first of all the lights are back on at good manor, they came back on last night at 6pm..yippee! no back to bizness!
how do i start to tell you about last weekend?? i have been to many retreats in the past years and i have my favorites, but this past retreat is fast nudging its way to the top of the list....
i can only describe the surroundings as straight from the movie"dirty dancing"...the camp was so so so pristine and clean, clean ,clean..i am not a camper and couldnt see myself staying in a rustic cabin with no heating or air conditioning but these cabins were just that but so so so much more...the cabins were very very charming. every cabin had their own view of the crystal clean squam lake and their own private dock..the night air was crisp and cool and perfect for sweatshirts and warm uggs and i cannot wait until next year to stay there with my girls.....

i met some new amazing gals at this retreat that i know will become life long friendships and i also reconnected with old friends that i met in our blogging community...

many of these pictures were from our personal photographer-sharon andrews

besides being the bestest friend and fabulous artist, she also takes the most brilliant photos!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

lights still out at good manor~

well, we came home monday late afternoon to no electricity due to the category 1 gale force winds brought on by hurricane ike.....
over 1millions central ohioans were without power on
sunday night and many many still are LIKE US!! so we have been showering
at our dear friend sharons home and had a lovely dinner with her last night...
she is a real jewel and her southern charm is so infectious!
being around her and nina last week, i caught myself saying y'all quite frequently! lol..
i will post more about the WONDERFUL retreat when the electric comes back on...
some are saying Friday but most are saying Sunday, ugh!
i know it could be alot worse and am thankful it is only the electric that is off and good manor is still in tack and the dogs are all fine....
ps...below are pictures from the area surrounding good manor and the wind damage
and me blow drying my hair with the computer ac adapter hooked up in the SUV
on our way to dinner monday night, lol..

Monday, September 15, 2008

going home~

well, that hurricane ike will just not let us get home!! we pulled out of holderness, nh yesterday morning at 730am and after some vista stops we were forced to stop and spend the night in rochester, sharon our master planner got us a return visit at the hotel we spent the night in last monday!! anyway, i will post the pictures of the awesome retreat during the weekend...but i wanted to focus on the return home we get up to a cloudy rain soaked clouds and across the drive, we see all these boats and fishermen in rain slickers and then julie says it a fishing tournament so that was pretty cool...

this is the most darlingest little diner that was in a antique mall was heaven..

i finally got my pancakes and maple syrup!!the napkins were these great bandanas......

of course i had to have a purple one!!beautiful gorge in quechee state park..

covered bridge in woodstock, vt

arent i attractive!! check out my purple bandana!

all these beautiful pictures are courtesy of our wonderful friend and co-pilot~sharon! andrews!