Friday, September 28, 2007

new look!

hey how 'bout my new look for art dogs life banner...isn't that banner faerie just amazing!! i L~O~V~E my banner...she is always on the money with what i would like.....she is awesome!!

okay, this is the weekend that my gal~ellen and lani from nova scotia
invade ohio...lani is here in Ohio as the keynote speaker at an art therapy symposium.....Lani found out this morning there are going to be over 230 people in her class so we were off to get more supplies ....this evening Lani, Ellen, Julie and I had dinner together at PF Chang's and a few photo ops arose after dinner......

My out of town friends were a bit intrigued by this field of corn cob sculptures in Dublin, OH ......

I am not quite sure of the history behind them but we stopped for a couple is ellen ....

Tomorrow another day for the four of us to run around and explore central OH....Ellen has requested a drive by of the big longaberger basket buidling...more more more tomorrow.

Monday, September 24, 2007

new etsy item

these are my nina earrings.. they are inspired by Nina Bagley cocoon beads. i learned how to make her unique cocoon beads in one of her cool classes. the shepherds hook is 20 gauge sterling silver, inside the cocoon is a piece of vintage lace, wrapped with 22 gauge sterling silver wire...the wrap holds 3turquoise beads each with red, gold and lime green seed beads and aventurine beads.
they will be available on etsy now....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

it is just around the corner~

i was at a charm bracelet class yesterday that my good friend was teaching and like her-I ADORE halloween!!! her home was beautifully decorated in black & white macabre style!
i will show some of her decorations tomorrow, anyway, she had these totally cool family pictures that were hung proudly on her wall, like treasured antique family pictures, upon further inspection, they change to reveal a frightful sight!!!
look one way and then look again and they change....SSSSSSPPPPOOOOKKKYYY!!
below are several examples of what the site has
they showthe picture at first glance
and then show the second scary glance......

checkout the website
it is brilliant...

Friday, September 21, 2007


okay, i have been issued a citation by laura who says enough is enough it is time to update your blog.....she is so right..but my excuse is i have started a new job 2weeks ago and 3days a week i work 3then hour days and get home at 8pm and i am dead tired!! and do not want to do anything, so that is my excuse..i quit starbucks about 3months ago after i scalded my hand 2days in a row which caused 2nd degree burns on my fingers, so that was enough for me, i really like just being the customer!!! so my new job is working at a trendy little eye boutique that has cool frames and gives eye exans, so i do it all, appointments, billing, filing-my fav, adjustments, etc...and it is all within 10minutes of my home, but that is probably all going to change soon, more at on that later!! so, to check up..the winner of my book giveaway is .......
our dogs especially nelly ann were quite smitten with kecia when she was her for her birthday get away weekend, nelly was her shadow!! anyway, one night kecia made her famous tacos and gawd were they HEAVEN(in my worst sing voice)..we did ALOT of eating! kecia thought the new giant eagle was totally cool and how you can take the scan wand along with you while shopping and scan your groceries while shopping and they just pay the bill when you bag at the end ..they do not have that where she lives...

kecia hooked us up with some new taco salsa which is now our new favorite!!! yummy..we shopped at several hobby lobbys, dick blick, marshalls, ally beads, world market and a few in between but when we werent shopping we were plopped on the couch with both our laptops surfing the web!! it was a great visit!!! i cannot wait until next weekend when 2more friends from blogland with be landing in ohio and will be staying at good manor!!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

happy birthday to my friend~

i missed my great friend~ellen's birthday yesterday..really she withheld her birthday information from me..anyway, please flood her blog (which needs updating..hint hint)with well wishes, she also is a little under the weather and i know it will cheer her up!!! thank~you, my friends....

Monday, September 10, 2007

look who's back!

tonight julie and i were working on weeding, seriously neglected weeding on the side rose beds and such and look who we found!!! her skin is brown..isnt that strange, i didnt know that their skin can be brown or green? hmmm....they eat at night and are fast enough to catch mosquitoes, moths or flies and can even eat small birds and they can fly..
i really think that they are one of the most beautiful insects i have seen
and am so lucky that i have them in my garden!
that is your biology lesson for today, monday, september 10th...

Friday, September 07, 2007

funky friday~

i am a little under the weather today, couldnt sleep at all last night.. the last time i looked at the clock it was 4AM...yeah, 4AM! what the hell...i have a killer sore throat, cough, headache and the all the crap that comes along with i am laying around today in a funk..

so i have decided to have another giveaway....

in honor of my favorite season~fall~ approaching.....

leave me a comment
and who your favorite halloween monster is!

mine is DRACULA..

i love dracula! i have been fascinated since i was little with vampires! okay who remembers the tv show~DARK SHADOWS!!! i was totally enthrolled with barnabas collins!!!

anyway, follow these instructions and chance marie will draw a name on
to win the below book of inspiration...

Kaleidoscope: Ideas And Projects to Spark Your Creativity

Thursday, September 06, 2007

work in progress~

just a little taste of what i have been tinkering around with.....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

homey hutch

this is my bird hutch that i am constantly looking to fill....julies grandma gave it to her when we moved into good manor and of course i adore it and fill it with our treasures we find along the way and my teacup collection that is ever growing and really just anything pretty...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

you never will believe this!!!

last week we had an appointment for my daughter with a holistic doctor. we showed up for the appointment and the nurse did a full medical review work up and drew a couple vials of blood..then we met tech~amy who was going to to a MSA(Meridian Stress Assessment)..
what? you are asking is a MSA, well.....
The MSA is used to send a slight electrical current into the acupoints on the hands and feet while the patient is holding a slighty damp metal conductor. This painless procedure measures the energetic properties of each meridian by assessing the consistency of the speed at which the current is able to travel through it. These readings indicate to the practitioner whether a meridian is balanced, stressed, weakened, or blocked. The practitioner can use this information to identify which nutritional supplements, homeopathics, herbs or other remedies will help the body restore itself to optimal health.
okay, so the machine is making these star wars type noises and she is going down a list of stuff and she looks at heather and says have you recently been bit by a tick? and we both looked at each other and said OMG!!!!
heather then says yes i had one on the back of my head about 2months ago!! so she does some more testing and then the doctor comes in and says that you have a strain of canine lyme disease and parasites in her stomach!! okay, one thing~GROSS!! but then
2nd thing~omg, why didnt we think ofthat?? all those dogs she comes in contact ..okay long story short, he wrote 2scripts for an antibiotic and another to get rid of the parasites and he told her she will feel worse before she feels better!!! and he was right!! she cannot believe how much better she is feeling!!! everytime we talk we say how we cannot believe what he found!!
so that is that!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

seattle recap*

back from seattle with lots of seattle scenery swirling around in my head!! it was a whirlwind wind trip, with our illustrious driver and good friend~dji taking us through every nook and cranny of seattle and its burbs...the housing is crazy expensive but everything else seemed inline with where we live now even the gas was cheaper than ohio~whats up with that!!!....if julie does take the job, finding a home will be really difficult with all our dogs as most homes do not offer alot of greenspace and we need a home that is somewhat spacious as we do not want to be tripping on each other!!!!

here are some pictures from our trip and you so know i went straight to the original starbucks!

i so would not want to work at that location, it is crazy busy all the time!! but the best thing about the original starbucks, they still pull their own expresso shots, most of the starbucks have gone to automatic expresso machine, but it was so nice to have the original taste...mmmmmmmmmm! so we are just waiting on some kind of offer~relo package and we expect that next i will keep you in the loop! ..............